Jade Hindmon

Q: Why did you decide to pursue television news as a career?
A: I love to tell the stories of the people who live the community.

Q: What was your first job?
A: My first job in the business was working as an overnight production assistant/master control operator. But my first job ever was working as a receptionist at the family business.

Q: What is on your DVR?
A: I don't have a DVR.

Q: What is favorite way to spend a day off?
A: Enjoying the outdoors

Q: Favorite restaurant in Indy?
A: The verdict is still out!

Q: Most challenging part of your job?
A: The job itself is a challenge, but it's also rewarding.

Q: Most memorable story you ever covered?
A: The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

Q: Favorite, book, movie?
A: Alice In Wonderland, The Matrix

Q: What’s on your iPod?
A: Pharrell, Happy

Q: What is something that would surprise people about you?
A:- I play the saxophone.

Q: Best advice you ever got?
A: "The early bird gets the worm… but the last mouse gets the cheese."

Q: Favorite vacation spot?
A: Anywhere where there is a beach, seafood and tasty beverages.

Q: Proudest career moment?
A:- Emmy nomination after covering the World Cup in South Africa.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: A dog named Cleopatra

Q: Biggest pet peeve?
A: People who stand in the way of truth.

Q: What advice would you give someone to get into the business?
A: be diligent

Q: Do you have a favorite cause/charity?
A: American Diabetes Association, YWCA

Q: When was the last time you tried something new?
A: About a year or so ago I tried hand fishing/noodling. I still have all my fingers. It was fun.

Q: What electronic gadget can you not live without?
A: Cell phone

Q: Favorite childhood memory?
A: As a child I lived on a street named Monopoly in a subdivision called Boardwalk. There were hot-air balloons that would land in the common ground of the neighborhood. It was the greatest.

Q: Did you have a mentor in your career?
A: Yes!!! Big thanks to Jada Reese, Deja "Deja Vu" Parker, Jeff Walker, Mark Strassmann, everyone at NBC Universal in D.C. when I was there as an intern and also everyone who touched my life at Florida A&M University.

Q: If you weren't in your current profession, what would you be doing?
A: chemical engineering

Q: If you won the lottery, what if the first thing you would do?
A: Go see the world so I can learn about all the things I want to know about.

Q: If you could witness any event, past or present what would it be?
A: The construction of Noah's Ark 

Q: What is your proudest achievement?
A: My life is full of proud achievements and failures that all add up to me being the person I am.

Jade Hindmon joined WRTV6 as a reporter for "Good Morning Indiana" in June 2013.  You can catch her in front of and behind the camera working to bring you news that's happening right now.

Jade grew up in St. Louis, Mo.  She is a graduate of Florida A&M University where she studied broadcast journalism and political science.

She started as an intern at Dateline NBC and CBS News. While earning her degree in college, her first taste of the business was as an overnight production assistant at the NBC, CBS, and UPN affiliates in Tallahassee, Fla.

Jade went on to become a reporter and fill-in anchor at WTVM in Columbus, Ga. and WFXL in Albany, Ga.

Jade returned to the Midwest from WHNS in Greenville, S.C., where she was an anchor and reporter covering an array of stories, including travels to South Africa to cover The World Cup.

While in South Carolina, Jade received a number of awards for her reporting including an AP award, Emmy nominations and an NABJ Salute to Excellence nomination.

When Jade is not at work, she enjoys getting out in Indianapolis and surrounding communities to help and meet people through volunteer projects.  She also enjoys the performing arts and jogging with her dog, Cleopatra.

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