Lauren Casey

Q: Why did you decide to pursue television news as a career?
A:  I grew up performing on the stage as a dancer and planned to pursue a career in dance. After a back injury in high school, I decided to follow a different passion. Growing up, I always loved watching the news and reading books about current events. So to me, becoming a journalist was the perfect fit! I could work closely with people in my own community and help them stay informed on important issues. Being on television reminds me of the feeling of performing on stage.

Q: What was your first job?
A: This is my first job out of college! I completed many internships throughout college at different media outlets, and I also teach dance on the side.

Q: What is on your DVR?
A: "Dance Moms" -- my favorite show, and of course "The Bachelor!" I am also slightly embarrassed to admit that I record "Good Morning Indiana" every day and watch it back when I get home!

Q: What is favorite way to spend a day off?
A: I love spending time with Brooks, my fiance, and our families and friends.  I also enjoy going to the gym and playing with my puppy, Molly.

Q: Favorite restaurant in Indy?
A: I love Cheeseburger in Paradise, and I get the mini cheeseburgers with fries every visit.

Q: Most challenging part of your job?
A: The most challenging part of my job is adjusting to the early hours! It's a new struggle each week because I try to stay up and hang out with friends on the weekends.

Q: Most memorable story you ever covered?
A: I haven't been able to cover too many stories professionally yet, but when I worked at the Indiana Statehouse, I did a really fun video about Representative Klinker's shoe collection!  Also when I interned at RTV6, I enjoyed working on a video during a storm in southern Indiana.  It was my first big breaking news situation.

Q: Favorite book, movie?
A: I love "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom and my favorite movie is "Christmas Vacation."

Q: What’s on your iPod?
A: I have a random selection of old country and rock alongside a ton of pop and dance music of all kinds! You just never know what will play next!

Q: What is something that would surprise people about you?
A: I took private skeet shooting lessons at Camp Atterbury one summer, and I was a natural behind the trigger!

Q: Best advice you ever got?
A: Challenge yourself to be Christ-like in everything you do.

Q: Favorite vacation spot?
A: I love visiting my family in Minnesota every summer! We go up north to the lakes and eat a ton of great food!

Q: What is your proudest career moment?
A: I would say getting offered this job at RTV6 going into my senior year of college would be the highlight of my career so far.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: I have a 1-year-old German Shepard mix named Molly! She's quite the character!

Q: What is your proudest career moment?
A: Winning the National Edward R. Murrow Award and my first place National Headliner award

Q: When I am not at work I am…
A: Coaching dance team at Center Grove, catching up on sleep, and planning my wedding!

Q: Biggest pet peeve?
A: I hate gum and the sound of people chewing gum drives me insane!

Q: What advice would you give someone to get into business?
A: Take every opportunity to learn new skills.  Ask questions and be eager to learn! Always give more than your best, and be a valuable asset to any working environment.

Q: When you have visitors to Indy where do you take them?
A: I love going to Mallow Run Winery near my house. They have great wine, food, and live music on the weekends!

Q: Do you have a favorite cause/charity?
A: I love dogs, so anything related to animals.  I have also spent a lot of time working to raise money for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness.

Q: When was the last time you tried something new?
A: I recently tried asparagus, and now I love it! I thought I hated vegetables, so this was a great discovery!

Q: What electronic gadget can you not live without?
A: My hair straightener! It's a necessity!

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?
A: I loved "Pioneer Day" at Maple Grove Elementary in 4th grade!  We dressed up, did arts and crafts, and played field games.  It was also during my "Little House on the Prairie" phase in my life when I wished I grew up in the 1800s like Laura Ingalls, haha!

Q: What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
A: One of the hardest things I ever had to do was help start a dance team at my high school. We had to gain the respect of the administration and our peers. As a captain, I ran a lot of the practices myself and did most of the choreography. We had to prove ourselves over and over again, and it was a lot of pressure!  It was well worth the hard work in the end!

Q: What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
A: My family and I went with our friends on a very "sketchy" cab ride through the Dominican Republic on a cruise stop. We didn't know where they were taking us and the driver made my dad get out of the car and go into a building with him while we waited outside. I will never do anything like that again!

Q: Did you have a mentor in your career?
A: Beth Vaughn always has the best advice! Whether it's about hair and makeup, or how to become a better journalist, she's an awesome role model!

Q: If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do?
A: I would buy a house and put a lot of it in savings for the future!

Q: If you could witness any event, past or present what would it be?
A: Wow, tough question! It would be awesome to be around when America first became a nation. It would be interesting to talk to the founding fathers about their dreams and ideas for this nation.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?
A: My proudest achievement is finishing college a whole year early, and I am just proud of the person I have become on the inside :)

RTV6 Traffic Reporter Lauren Casey is keeping an eye on the roads in her hometown. 

The Center Grove native grew up watching RTV6 with her family and is excited to join the team on "Good Morning Indiana."  She is currently working to complete her bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism at Franklin College this December.

While Lauren may be one of the youngest members of the RTV6 news team, she has been fortunate enough to complete a variety of internships throughout her college years.

She has a strong interest in Indiana politics and government after working as a multimedia journalist for for two years. is an online publication powered by Franklin College students.  

Lauren also interned with WTHR during her junior year and focused primarily on the upcoming election and other political issues. 

Her passion for the media industry fits perfectly with her love for her local community.  Every week, Lauren goes back to her high school to help coach the varsity dance team -- a team she helped lead while at Center Grove. 

This year, she plans to coach the new middle school teams and is looking forward to helping other young girls find their place in a large school system.   Lauren also works as a teacher and choreographer at The Dance Refinery in Indianapolis.

Lauren was one of the Scripps Howard Foundation scholarship recipients at Franklin College, which allowed her to intern at RTV6 this past summer.  She felt right at home in newsroom from her very first week.  She is looking forward to working alongside award-winning journalists right here in Indianapolis.

Contact Lauren: Twitter

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