Angel Haze urges fellow artists to rebel against the music industry

Rapper ANGEL HAZE has defended her decision to leak her debut album online after record label bosses continually pushed back the project.

The rising hip-hop star had originally been due to unveil Dirty Gold last January (13), but the record was hit by a series of delays.

Haze took matters into her own hands and streamed the project in its entirety on music website last month (Dec13), insisting she wanted fans to hear the material in the same year the record was finished.

Now she has explained her defiant decision to NME magazine, saying, "I did it because I was frustrated. I felt completely brushed off. I leaked the album for personal reasons. It was about saying 'Don't f**k with me, dude' because, at the end of the day, I'll always choose my artistry."

Haze adds, "Everyone thinks I'm this rambunctious fireball that does whatever she wants, and I'm not. But I do think more people should rebel against the music industry - if the machine doesn't work for you, you break it and you fix it and you make it work for you instead. There are no other options aside from getting f**ked - and I don't think many people want that."

After the incident, label bosses released Dirty Gold on 30 December (13).

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