Rita Ora forgot her lines filming Fifty Shades of Gray movie

British pop star RITA ORA had to wear an earpiece while filming the FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY movie as she kept forgetting her lines.

The I Will Never Let You Down hitmaker is ready to make her big-screen debut, but she hasn't quite got to grips with learning her lines.

She was so stressed out by the process, which required her to maintain an American accent, that she had a stooge feeding the lines into her ear before she said them.

Ora, who stars as Mia Gray in the highly anticipated erotic drama, tells Access Hollywood, "It was incredibly difficult. I had to have someone in my ear telling me what to say before I said it. I was so nervous that I forgot everything I had learned."

Luckily co-star Dakota Johnson was on-hand to help Ora out, with the pop star explaining, "She's a great friend of mine and she really eased me. She was really nice to take care of me."

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