Train from SoCal to Las Vegas coming soon: Company promises 'nightclub on rails' experience

Train expected to debut New Year's Eve 2013

SAN DIEGO - A Southern California-to-Las Vegas party train is being called "a nightclub on rails," and the company behind the train hopes San Diegans will decide to get on board instead of drive or fly next time they travel to Sin City.

Every weekend, thousands of San Diegans drive to a glittering jewel in the Nevada desert, but before they can get to the bright lights of Las Vegas, drivers like San Diegan Ron Rodriguez are often caught in traffic on Interstate 15.

"You're bumper-to-bumper, and it's crazy and miserable and you just want to get home," said Rodriquez.

The Las Vegas Railway Express said its X Train is the best alternative to driving or flying to Las Vegas.

"The X Train is the ultimate party train," said X Train Chief Operating Officer Peggy Stegeman. "We're basically a night club on rails."

A $99 ticket each way will get you from Southern California to Las Vegas in five and a half hours. The trip will include all-you-can-eat food.

"You start your party as soon as you get on board," said Stegman. "In fact, all of our servers are entertainers."

There will be two "ultra lounges" on board. Stegeman said they're similar to lounges in Las Vegas with bottle service. In addition, each of the 12 passenger cars compartments will have a bar.

The train doesn't come to San Diego, so anyone interested will have to take a train or drive to Fullerton, where the X Train originates.

That doesn't discourage some San Diegans who have been caught in I-15 traffic on their way to Las Vegas before.

"I feel like driving to Fullerton is way easier than driving all the way to Las Vegas," said Rebecca Filiciotto.

With train tracks from Union Pacific secured, train cars are being remodeled right now.

The first trip is planned for New Year's Eve 2013.

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