Dr. Dirt: Bumper crop of slugs

We can expect a bumper crop of slugs this year. Baits will slow them down and lots of debris from trees can clog gutters and this creates problems.

The mosquito season has arrived, so keep the gutters flowing. Empty rain barrels every week to stop mosquitoes.

June is the month of roses and the best rose is a Knock Out.  They take the work out of rose care.

The daylilies are coming on and they are also an easy perennial.

If you are a fan of hostas you will want to visit Sullivan Hardware at 49th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. with 90 beautiful hosta varieties. This is a great shade perennial! Dr. Dirt has 50 varieties in his hosta collection.

Now is the time to plan on applying lawn grub control.  GrubX and Merit are the most common products and they should be applied by the middle of June. The grubs are a lot easier to control when they are small.

Lots of interest in the Ambassadair Mackinac Island trip (317-581-1122) this year. One bus has been filled and a second has been added.  This is a great trip with two days in the Grand Hotel and the Lilac Festival.

Dr. Dirt is also going to Hawaii in November with Holiday Vacations (1-800-826-2266).

This is the resting place of Ernie Pyle, a native of Dana, Indiana. Dr. Dirt's mother grew up as a neighbor to the Pyles.  Her brother was in the same class as Ernie.

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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