Dr. Dirt: Caring for plants in the snow

INDIANAPOLIS - After two weeks in the sun at Myrtle Beach, it's time to face reality! 

Dr. Dirt has yet to straw his strawberry patch.  Right now, the snow is protecting the berry plants. Heavy snow should be brushed away from evergreens to reduce limb breakage. Upright arborvitae can have their tops tied together to stop limb breakage.  Remove the snow soon after it falls. Once it freezes, it's on there for a while. 

A nice warm fire in the fireplace is a winter treat. Wood ashes should be trashed, because they raise the soil pH, which is already a little high. 

Recently Dr. Dirt answered a question about preventing hickory nut trees from fruiting. There is a trunk injection control using Snipper that can be applied by professional arborists.  And, more interesting is the fact that this treatment also stops sweetgum balls.

Merry Christmas, Dr. Dirt

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