Dr. Dirt: Controlling Emerald Ash Borer

The cooler temperatures have been comfortable. 

The daily showers have encouraged plant disease problems.

Many of the crabapples have lost a lot of leaves. The ash trees are being hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer and dying ash trees are a common sight.

Typically, the top of the ash tree dies and lots of new sucker growth develops in the lower portion of the tree.   Arborists have an injection that provides two years of borer control. 

Do-it-yourself treatments last but a year.  Red thread is showing up in lawns, which is typical as spring goes to summer. The slugs are busy as are rabbits in gardens. 

There is still time to plant vegetables.  Borers are hitting zucchini squash.

Cabbage worms are after the cabbage and cucumber plants are wilting from the larvae of cucumber beetles feeding on the roots. A soil drench of Malathion or Sevin will stop them.

Blossom End Rot is a summer problem with tomatoes.  Miracle Gro has a Tomato Fertilizer with Calcium, which will help solve this problem. Nut sedge is coming on strong.  Ortho has a good Nut sedge control. 

Now is the time to stop lawn grubs.  With all the rain there will be a bumper crop of grubs.  Wood roaches are common in wooded areas and unlike other roaches they are attracted to lights.  Fortunately only the males will enter your home.  Thus, there is no need to use an indoor spray for this rather large roach.  They may come inside, but will return to the woods. 

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Happy Gardening, Dr.Dirt

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