Dr. Dirt: Downspouts and slugs

This may turn out to be the year of the slugs! They are everywhere enjoying the lush plant growth.
Baits are the best way to go in slowing slugs. 

Bagworms are hatching and they love arborvitae, junipers and spruce. Once they get started, they spin a spindle shaped bag, which often appears to be a seed cone to most people. Thus, there is no need for alarm. And, before you know it, the plant is ruined.

Now is the time to spray for bagworms. All kinds of debris has fallen from trees and it often ends up clogging downspouts on houses. 

Clogged gutters are the home of mosquitoes.  It takes nine days from an egg to grow to an adult mosquito that is ready for a blood meal from you, so keep those gutters flowing. Dr. Dirt has the Gutter Helmet, but there are other covers that help keep gutters clean.

Anthracnose has hit maple and sycamore trees, which is causing leaf drop. These trees will soon develop another set of leaves. Apple scab is also common on crabapple trees. These trees will not develop new leaves.

An Emerald Ash borer adult landed on Dr. Dirt his weekend, which proved to be fatal to the bug.  Yes, ash trees are under attack by this insect. The systemic insecticides will provide control. Arborists can provide two years of borer protection and do-it-yourself gardeners can get one year of protection.

The Ambassadair Trip to Mackinac Island (581-1122) and the Lilac Festival, June 14 - 18, filled quickly, but there is a second one a couple days later. The Holiday Vacation's Hawaiian Trip with Dr. Dirt still has seats available November 6 - 15.  Reserve your seat by calling 1-800-826-2266!

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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