Dr. Dirt: Family fun at the state fair

Right now, it's the great Indiana State Fair where the weather has certainly cooperated beautifully.

The Giant pumpkin weighted in at 1039 pounds, the big boar pig at over 1,000 pounds and the giant popcorn ball over 6,500 pounds. 

At lot of people have asked what will become of the popcorn ball; it will become animal feed. 

For family fun it's the daily 1 p.m. watermelon spitting contest (where Dr. Dirt hit over 17 feet and didn't even place in the top five last Friday; however, his son, Nathan, went well over 30' for first place) in the Ag/Hort Building.

In the area of gardening this week, it's time to think about planting grass seed. This window of opportunity is generally August 15 - September 15. Yes, you can plant grass seed much later, but the roots will not have a chance to grow deep enough to with stand the alternate freezing and thawing of the winter months. 

Now is also the time to apply Scott's Step 3.  If you like turnips, now is the time to plant them. 

For more gardening info remember it's Dr. Dirt smiling face every Monday at noon on RTV6. Or, if you just like to listen, it's 93.1 every Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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