Dr. Dirt: Get ready for seeding

We're at the end of winter and the soil temperature is below 50 degrees, which is the threshold for seeding grass.  However, get ready to move on seeding. 

Chickweed is blooming and once temperatures go above 50 degrees, you can go after chickweed and wild onion with a lawn weed herbicide. 

Tropical plants over-wintering indoors can be pruned and fertilized. This will prepare them to vacation outdoors after the frost free date of May 10.

Once the weather warms, serious tree work like dead wooding and pruning can be done.

Tree fertilizing should be done now to help trees recover from three summers of drought.
Trees and shrubs can also be mulched.  Just remember to keep the mulch off the trunks to prevent roots from forming.  Girdling roots can be a serious problem.

Sullivan Hardware has a mini garden clinic this Saturday and Sunday afternoon starting at 1 pm, which includes FREE popcorn and some nice discounts on things like the Scott's 4 Step Program.  Dr. Dirt and other experts will be present to answer questions. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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