Dr. Dirt: How to handle cabin fever

It looks like we are in for a mid-winter thaw for a few days, so tap a maple tree or two and enjoy maple syrup.  It takes 50 to 55 gallons of sugar maple sap to make one gallon of delicious maple syrup! 

Winter has not yet passed the 1/3 mark, so undoubtedly more cold weather is ahead.
Our average annual snow fall is 24 inches and we already have 27 inches. 

It's a good year for snow ice cream, if you're an old timer.

After being shut down for three or four days last week with the foot of snow, many gardeners have cabin fever.  Garden books, catalogs and even an early start on your income taxes will relieve the pain. 

Dr. Dirt has been splitting some firewood.  At local grocery store prices, he burns about $50.00 of wood a day.  And, the wood ashes go in the trash. They are bad news for gardens and flower beds.

The oldest Home Show in the country opens at the end of January at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  It also features some nice gardens.  Go online to save money when buying Home Show tickets. 

It's too early to be starting seeds indoors. If you're looking for warmer climates, give Ambassadair Travel a call and check out their many tour adventures. 

Dr. Dirt loved his Ambassadair trip to the Rose Parade in sunny California! 

You're only a plane ride away from warmer weather! 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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