Dr. Dirt: Plan before you plant

Spring is now only a month away and planning is one of the most important parts of gardening.  Plan before you plant!

The garden seeds have arrived and planning will help estimate just how many seeds you need.  Flower and vegetable seeds are about $2.95.  Thus, planning is very important.  Bulk seed is more economical.

The past three years have had dry summers.  Thus, shrubs and trees have been under stress.  Fertilizing them at this time will reduce losses. You can broadcast one pound of lawn fertilizer (one with no weed killer) per 100 square feet of shrub and tree area.  Or, three pounds of 12-12-12 per 100 square feet.  The rains will move it into the root zone of shrubs and trees. 

The birds are returning and a bird feeder is a nice way to enjoy their return.  They also need fresh water.  Now is the time to have lawn mower repair work done while the shops have the time.  Once the mowing season starts it may take a couple weeks to have repair work done.  So, be proactive with repairs.

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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