Dr. Dirt: Prep your house for fall

INDIANAPOLIS - Fall is here and it's a great season to enjoy the outdoors.

With the enjoyable weather, it's time to caulk around the house to keep bugs and spiders on the outside. 

There is an abundant crop of black crickets this year and once inside they eat fabric and chirp. They are tough to kill once inside, so do some caulking.

Lawns have responded to the recent rain. They need a lot more rain to store some winter energy. If you haven't already fertilized your lawn, get busy. Fertilize again in mid-November.

Old Jack Frost will soon be making his presence known and that should speed the fall foliage parade.  With frost, the annual flowers will be history. Pansies are ready to take the place of annuals and they are tough enough to withstand the winter if they are mulched in early December. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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