Dr. Dirt: Protecting plants in the snow

INDIANAPOLIS - Most people were not ready for an old-fashioned winter, but plants are doing well under a blanket of snow. 

Mother Nature has a way of protecting her own.  So, just take care of yourself and the plants will be OK. The perfect winter "get away" for those living in Central Indiana is the Indianapolis Home Show, at least until February 2.  Plan on spending the day there just wandering around through the gardens and house ware booths. 

Dr. Dirt will be there in the All Star Roofing & More Booth on Saturday, February 1 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Ask him about the real gardener's holiday: Groundhog Day! This is considered by most people to be the middle of winter.  However, this year only time will tell! 

Go online for home show tickets and save money! 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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