Dr. Dirt: Protecting trees from the snow

Whatever happened to global warming?  Right now we are knee-deep in snow with below zero temperatures.

Lightly brush away the snow on evergreens with a broom before the snow freezes.  The snow is good for perennials since it acts like a blanket. Select and use an ice melt product that will not injure plants. 

Check out the seed catalogs and see what's new for 2014. Dr. Dirt will be cracking some black walnuts in hopes that Nurse Dirt will make some brownies or chocolate fudge.  He had a great vacation in California with Ambassadair Travel! It was in the 70s and the Rose Bowl Parade was beautiful with seats right near on the starting line! Got a garden question?  Send your questions to solvegardenproblems@gmail.com. 

Happy Gardening & a Very Happy New Year, Dr. Dirt

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