Dr. Dirt: Protecting your home in winter

"Ole Man Winter" has officially arrived in Indy.  Last week, Dr. Dirt mowed the lawn and collected all the stray tree leaves that had been blowing around, and cleaned the gutter on the shed, which was full of leaves.

Clogged gutters often result in ice jams up on the roof.  Not enough insulation in the attic can lead to ice jams.  So, check the gutters and measure the insulation in the attic.  In this case, it pays to be prepared before simple problems develop.  An ounce of prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure!

The two early snow storms did a number on ornamental grasses.  Thus, if time allows, go ahead and prune ornamental grasses back to ground level.  Many landscapers like to go around the grass clumps with duct tape before cutting.  This certainly makes handling the clippings much easier. And, you can use any color of duct tape.

Check your supply of pesticides.  Liquid products should be stored where they will not freeze.  Granules and powders are not harmed by freezing.  Seal all partial bags of fertilizer to keep them from drawing moisture. 

Enjoy Christmas with family and friends. 

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, Dr. Dirt

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