Dr. Dirt: Shield your garden from winter

The recent rain and wind brought down most of the tree leaves.  Now it's time to clean the gutters and pick up the leaves. 

It looks like this coming week will be a preview of winter. Thus, rose bushes, mums and strawberry beds can be mulched for winter protection.  Remove the dead hosta foliage and smash the slugs that are trying to escape the winter under the foliage. They are nice and fat, so there will be no trouble in spotting them. 

A good vegetable garden cleanup is in order.  Brussels sprouts, parsnips and turnips will still have some life even in the cold weather.

The greatest rose show on earth is the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl football game on the first day of the New Year.  All eyes around the world watch it on TV, but you can see it in person with an Ambassadair Tour and Dr. Dirt.  The parade seats are first class and you can enjoy the floats up close on the day after the parade.  It's a great family trip. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Dirt

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