Dr. Dirt: Spring has finally arrived

Spring finally has arrived!

The star magnolia trees are blooming, and this is a great small tree for the landscape.  It is perhaps the most reliable magnolia for this area.  And, as a bonus, the blossoms are fragrant.  It can also be grown as a shrub. 

The most important tree care practice at this time is protecting ash trees from the emerald ash borer.  Arborists like Pings Tree Service offer an injection, which protects trees for two years.  Do-it-yourself gardeners have a choice of several systemics which are applied as a simple soil drench around the trunk of the tree.  April is the time to act in protecting and saving ash trees. 

The grass is greening and that means mowing in a few days.  Check your mower to make sure it will start after a long winter rest.  Once the mowing season starts, it may take a couple of weeks before repair shops can service your mower.  The first thing to do is sharpen the mower blade.  A repair shop will make sure the blade is both sharp and balanced.  Plant grass seed, but wait three more weeks before applying chemical crabgrass controls.  Lawn service companies have been busy for several weeks, but they have hundreds of lawns to service.  With a single lawn you can pin point lawn care applications. 

The soil is in great condition for planting, but rain is coming.  if we get some heavy rain,  Dr. Dirt will run the rapids on Sugar Creek in his canoe.  He has his cool season vegetables planted, so there is some free time for a little relaxing on the creek observing eagles and their nests along the way. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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