Dr. Dirt: Spring is in full bloom!

INDIANAPOLIS - Spring has finally sprung with the dandelions and wild violets in full bloom!

Those yellow blossoms are the alarms that send gardeners rushing to garden centers and nurseries for control measures!

However, there is no need to worry; the dandelions will survive! 

Once at the garden center or nursery, people often discover there more important gardening needs that can be served.  It was sad to see the saucer magnolias get hit with the freeze.

The star magnolia is our best bet in this climate.  It would be wise to wait another week before applying crabgrass controls. The soil temperature rises slowly. However, now is the time to treat ash trees with a systemic to stop the emerald ash borer.  You can do-it-yourself or call an arborist.

Chickweed, henbit and knotweed plants are showing up in lawns as well as dandelions. You can spot-treat these weeds with a broadleaf week killer. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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