Dr. Dirt: Spring is less than 10 days away

Spring is less that 10 days away and with that in mind, now is the time to do some planning.  Both chickweed and wild onion over-wintered well. 

When the day temperatures are about 50 degrees, you can fire away at the early weeds with a good herbicide.  Before making an application, be sure to read and follow the product label for maximum results.  Just remember to stomp on the foliage of wild onions so the herbicide can enter the plant.  The waxy coating will cause the spray to ball up and roll off.  It must enter the foliage to get to the roots! Using one tablespoon of liquid soap per gallon of spray will help stick it to the foliage.  When using a granular herbicide, the foliage must be wet for it to stick to the plant. 

Grass seed does not germinate until the soil temperature reaches 50 degrees.
The third week of March usually is the right time to plant grass seed.  The most expensive grass seed (usually the newer bluegrasses) makes the best lawns. Wait until the end of April to apply chemical crabgrass controls. 

You may be tempted, but forget about rolling your lawn! This compacts the soil and makes it hard on the grass roots.  If you have a lawn roller, sell it for scrap metal, which is a pretty good price. 

As soon as you can, work the soil so the cool season vegetables can be planted.  The sweet gum balls are continuing to fall.  The Nut Wizzard is a handy way to pick them up before you sprain an ankle.  Florel and or Fruit Eliminator can be sprayed on sweet gum trees when the leaves are 1/4 to 1/3 full size.  It's difficult to know when the trees are in bloom, because sweet gum flowers have no petals. 

Beware of tree services knocking on your door for service.  Major tree work should be done by certified arborists and you can find them in the phone book.  They don't have time to knock on doors. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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