Dr. Dirt: There's still plenty of time for planting


After several days of wind from the north, most of the tree leaves are on the ground. Only some of the oaks are still sporting leaves. Shredded leaves make good compost and mulch. With the cooler temperatures, the tulips can be planted. Just remember that spring flowering bulbs must have good soil drainage. 

Lawn weeds are growing well and spot treating is a good way to eliminate them. Apply broadleaf weed killers when the temperatures are above 50 degrees. 

November is the second most important time to fertilize lawns. Apply a good turf-type fertilizer like Scotts Turf Builder for the best results. 

Night temperatures have dropped below 32 degrees, so there isn't much left in the vegetable garden. 

Now is a good time to clean up the garden and plant garlic. It is a great health food. Ornamental cabbage, kale and pansies should also be planted. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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