Dr. Dirt: Time for cool-season planting

Right now, cool-season vegetables, grass seed, perennials, shrubs and trees can be planted, but hold off on the tender annuals and vegetables like tomatoes. The average frost-free date is May 10.

The dandelions are blooming along with chickweed and henbit in lawns. Spot weed control is the best way to take care of broadleaf lawn weeds. Wait another week before applying crabgrass controls.

The lawn mowing season is well underway, and it may require cutting every four or five days rather than once a week. Allow the clippings to remain on the lawn. Collecting clippings means more work for you and the garbage collectors.

The redbuds trees are blooming and a smaller version of this tree is the Forest Pansy with two toned leaves, purple on one side and green on the other.  Remember that the foliage of spring flowering bulbs must mature (turn yellow) before it can be removed. 

Time is running out to treat ash trees for the emerald ash borer.  Ideally, this should be done in April.  Professional arborists can inject trees for a two year control. And you can do-it-yourself with a soil drench.  One way or the other, now is the time to save ash trees. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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