Dr. Dirt: Beware the emerald ash borer

A lot of chickweed plants have already bloomed and will be producing seed for late summer and early fall germination. 

Chickweed is a winter annual and the ideal time to stop it is in late summer with an application of crabgrass preemergent.  This kills the seed as it germinates.  Or, apply a late October application of a broadleaf lawn weed killer.  Right now it doesn't do much good to spray it, because it has already produced seed and soon will die.  Scraping the soil surface with a sharp hoe will cut it off and you can collect and trash the plants. 

Wild violets are now blooming and digging them is the only sure fire way to get rid of them.

Right now is the time to protect ash trees from the emerald ash borer. 

Professional arborists can inject the trees and provide two years of safety.  You can also apply one of several systemic products and do-it-yourself with a soil drench.  Either way, it should be done as soon as possible (April is ideal).  T

The lawn mowing season has arrived.  Once a week will not cut it for lawns in good shape.  As a general rule, no more than one third of the leaf surface should be removed at one time.  Thus, many lawns will require mowing every four or five days.  Do not collect grass clippings.  Recycle them back into the lawn!

April 20 is the average freeze-free date, so don't get excited about planting annuals.

Now is the time to plant the cool season vegetables and do any lawn seeding.  Just remember, crabgrass control chemicals also stop germinating grass seed.

As the flowers of spring-flowering bulbs fade away, do not cut and remove the foliage before it turns yellow and dies.  Spring is now in bloom, so enjoy it at its finest!

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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