Dr. Dirt: Treating lawns for grubs

The month of June had been pretty dry until Sunday afternoon when 4.5 inches (a new rain gauge record for the West 10th Street and Girls School Road area) fell in 1.5 hours. So, about 6 inches so far for June with another week to go. 

The slugs will be happy and so will the beetles that lay eggs in the lawn that result in grubs. With the past three summers being dry, the grub population was low.  The lightning bug population was also low because the larvae of the lightning bugs feed on grubs. The first lightning bug was spotted June 20.  They will be providing fireworks for the next six weeks. 

Now is the time to treat lawns for grubs using GrubEx or Merit, which kill the grubs when they are small.  It's good insurance against grubs. 

Blossom end rot is a common tomato fruit problem.  Miracle Grow has a good tomato fertilizer, which contains calcium that will reduce blossom end rot.

The daylilies are blooming and they are easy perennials to grow.  Linden trees are also blooming and the fragrance is heavenly.

There is still plenty of time to plant vegetables and herbs. On the way to Mackinac Island last week, it was easy to spot dying ash trees along Interstate 69.  Arborists are going to be busy taking down ash trees.  However, it's less expensive to treat the trees for the emerald ash borer than have them removed.  Protect your ash trees.

The Marion County Fair started last Friday and it's a good family affair.

The Hancock County Fair is also running.

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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