Dr. Dirt: Watch out for slugs, mosquitoes, Black Spot on roses

The weather has not slowed grass growth. Consider mowing every four or five days in order for your lawn to stay in good condition.

This could be the year of the slugs; they are everywhere! Right now, they are small, but growing.
Slug baits do a pretty good job of control, but rain melts the pellets. Just be persistent with the baits. Check plants after dark for slugs with a flashlight. The light blinds them and you can pinch them.

Silver maple seed has matured and it is now dropping from the trees.
They can fill house gutters pretty quickly. Check the gutters and keep the water flowing to prevent mosquitoes.

The mosquito season has started.  It takes nine days for an insect egg to grow to an adult mosquito. Thus, rain barrels and bird baths need to be emptied every seven or eight days.

With all the rain, apple scab is going to be bad this year. Crabapple trees can be protected with a couple of fungicide sprays 10 - 14 days apart.  Read and follow the product label to make sure it will reduce apple scab.

Sycamore trees will be losing leaves because of anthracnose but there's no need to worry as the trees will develop a second set of leaves.

Black spot is the most serious rose disease.  Knock Out roses are resistant but they can still get the disease.  A good fungicide spray will reduce black spot.  Fertilize rose bushes once a month through August with a 1/2 cup of 12-12-12 fertilizer.

The Summer Snow Flake viburnum is now blooming and it will bloom until frost fall weather. This is a great landscape viburnum.

If you haven't treated ash trees for the emerald ash borer, there is still time.  This insect is a silent killer of ash trees!

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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