Dr. Dirt: Water slowly, deeply to keep plants, grass fresh

A few scattered showers, but no real rain, which we need badly.
We are now in an extended period of dry weather. It looks like it could be four dry summers in a row.  Plants are going to suffer big time, but watering is a good way to reduce the pain.  Remember to water slowly and deeply. 

Lawn rust is still a concern and it will continue until weather conditions are favorable for grass growth.  Any lawn seeding should be done as soon as possible.  Don't worry about crabgrass, because the frost will put an end to it.

Once it rains, chickweed seed will germinate. A crabgrass preventer applied now will stop chickweed.

Cool season vegetables are great, but they need water in order to produce. 

Watch out for yellowjackets at this time of the year; they love cookouts and soft drinks.  If you are going to enjoy dining outdoors, do it quickly. 

If you are interested in honey bees, there's a free bee program Saturday, September 14 at the Lee Bottom Flying Field in Hanover, IN 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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