Lawn diseases thrive in wet weather

The cooler weather is good, but the rains continue. 

Slugs love this kind of weather as do lawn diseases and the Dog Vomit fungus in mulch. Mosquitoes also thrive with lots of rain. It only takes nine days from egg to adult for the mosquitoes. 

Make sure the downspouts are working on your house. Empty rain barrels every eight days. 

The first Japanese beetles were spotted last week. Sevin is the perfect insecticide for beetles.

Now is the time to apply GrubEx or Merit for insurance against lawn grubs. 

Nut sedge is everywhere. Ortho has a good control for this weedy pest. 

Hollyhocks have a disease (rust) and insect problem.

Daylilies are at their best. They are the most popular perennial in America.

Knock Out roses are getting ready for another flush of bloom. This has to be the best rose for the summer flower show. 

There is still time to plant herbs and vegetables.

Ash trees are dying every day, and it's more economical to treat for the Emerald ash borer than to remove a dead tree! 

Hanging baskets need fertilizer every seven to 10 days. 

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