Flu claims lives of 10 Hoosiers so far this season; number of deaths up from same time last year

Flu season extends through March

INDIANAPOLIS - Flu numbers just released from state health officials show more Hoosiers are falling ill and dying with the flu than this time last year.

"Our cases started earlier... and we're seeing double the amount of influenza cases that we had compared to last year," said Dr. Virginia Caine, of the Marion County Health Department.

There have been 10 deaths so far in Indiana this flu season, and Caine said the worst might be ahead of us.

"That's the scary part," she said. "We may not definitely be at our peak yet."

The most recent numbers show the number of flu cases being reported has gone down from last week, but deaths are on the rise.

Three adults have died since last Wednesday. Of the 10 deaths so far this flu season, two were patients under 18.

Caine says for anyone with flu symptoms -- fever, cough, sore throat -- stopping the transmission is key. Adults with the flu should stay home from work, and sick kids should be kept home from school.

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