Central Indiana clinics already crowded with flu sufferers

Docs sending patients to clinics, immediate care

INDIANAPOLIS - Outpatient and retail medical clinics say they are already swamped with flu sufferers.

At the east side MedCheck, providers say they're getting so many flu sufferers they're having a hard time squeezing them into the waiting room. 

Doctors' offices can't handle the demand, so they're diverting patients to the instant clinics at drugstores, which are, in turn, sending them to places like the MedCheck.
Community Hospital Physician Adam Bainbridge said he's seeing more flu, colds and other upper respiratory infections this year.

"Quite a bit more," Bainbridge said. "We didn't really see flu last year, but we're definitely seeing it this year."

Health care providers at MedCheck say they saw 37 patients in the first three hours they were open Monday morning, which is more than usual.

Sometimes the flu runs its course without causing severe problems, but it can be dangerous, especially for the elderly. 

Doctors recommend several strategies for minimizing flu risk, including getting a flu shot.

"I definitely recommend that," Bainbridge said. "It's not going to eliminate the chance of flu, but it will definitely decrease the risk."

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