Hoosiers step up their New Year's resolutions at 'Commitment Day'

Runners, walkers across U.S. commit to health

INDIANAPOLIS - Starting at the exact same moment, 300,000 runners and walkers in 30 cities from New York to Los Angeles simultaneously ran a 5-K New Year's Day in an event known as Commitment Day.
Commitment Day is about more than a resolution -- it's about a commitment to live a healthier way of life in 2013.

In Indianapolis, Commitment Day runners and walkers started their 5-K on the 15-yard line at Lucas Oil Stadium, some even writing their commitments right on their numbers.

"It says, 'To stay off the couch and eat better,'" said runner Jennifer Munson, adding that she's got a great support system in place to help her keep her New Year's commitment.

Her sister, Andrea Munson-Hornor, used the event to commit to more than just a healthy lifestyle.

The U.S. Army medic recently back from Afghanistan vowed to not let a day in 2013 go by without telling her family -- and fellow soldiers -- how much she cares.

"Some of my guys I deployed with can't run anymore because they didn't come back with all their parts and pieces, and some of them didn't come back at all," she said. "So I'm running for Justin and I'm running for all my brothers and sisters in the military."

Logan Grubbs celebrated his 8th birthday at Commitment Day.

His brother Dalton said it's important for kids their age to start healthy habits young.

"Because when they grow up they will have more chances of being healthy," Dalton said.

In all, about 1,000 people crossed the finish line in Indianapolis for the first year of the event. 

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