HypnoBirthing method could reduce delivery pain

Method reported to be used by Kate Middleton

WESTFIELD, Ind. - HypnoBirthing is a natural birthing method that could help to relieve some of the pain of delivery and some experts predict the method will grow in popularity.

The method is a relaxation technique that uses a series of repeated phrases and imagery.

“Essentially, the idea is that hypnosis is used to tap into your own instinct and trust in your body that will help you deal the the contractions and eventual delivery,” said OBGYN Nicole Bedore with St. Vincent Women's Health.

Sources close to the royal family said that Kate Middleton is likely going to use the HypnoBirthing method and Bedore thinks Middleton’s choice could lead to a surge in interest of hypnobirths in the United States.

“Media certainly does influence a lot of the questions that we get in the office, which is a good thing. It’s a topic of discussion, it’s a time to bring things up, brings a lot of issues to the front. But I think there’s definitely a lot of interest in dealing with or managing labor and delivery without the use of medications,” Bedore said.

The method helps to reframe how to think of the birthing process. Bedore said the method shapes the idea that pain is progress in labor and delivery.

Rachel Manley loved the method so much that she used it leading up to and during the births of both of her children.

“The name is very interesting, it kind of stands out and you think, ‘What? Hypnosis?’ but it’s more of just a relaxation and a pain-relief technique to use during labor and I found it very helpful,” Manley said.

Indiana University Health at Methodist Hospital offers 6-week ‘Hypno Babies’ classes. There are also tapes and CDs available for purchase to use at home.

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