Indianapolis ranks 59 on list of worst U.S. cities for spring allergy sufferers

Estimated half of Hoosiers have seasonal allergies

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis ranked 59 out of 320 on the list of the worst U.S. cities for people with spring allergies, and the season is now underway.

The list is based on pollen scores, plus the number of over-the-counter medications per patient.
Last spring was the worst allergy season in Indianapolis in more than 20 years, but doctors expect more normal pollen levels this year.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says that an estimated 50 million Americans -- more than ever before -- suffer from allergies, spending $11 billion each year on medications. It's estimated that half of Hoosiers suffer from seasonal allergies.

Allergy specialist Dr. Pinkus Goldberg expects an average allergy season, but said even an average season is bad in Indiana.

"Average is bad, but we didn't have the warm weather like we had last year," Goldberg said. "If you remember last year, we were very warm in March and that stimulated pollen production. The trees were all blooming. This year we had snow up until a week ago, so it's going to be average I think."

Moderate pollen counts are expected this weekend, and Goldberg said seasonal allergy sufferers should start taking their medications.

Jackson, Miss., made the top of the list of worst cities for people with allergies.


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