Mom outraged by school's 'fat letter'

One mother is outraged after her daughter came home from school with a Body Mass Index letter labeling her as overweight.

Eleven-year-old Lily is on her school's volleyball team and eats a healthy diet. Her mom says she was stunned when she got the letter about her daughter's weight, ABC News reported. 

"This whole thing is stupid. It can hurt people. It can break their courage. First, I was hurt. Then, I was angry. Then, I just was concerned," her mom said.

The so-called "fat letter," is the result of a Body Mass Index screening, given to Lily by officials at school.

Similar screening programs have been embraced by many schools, but eating disorder experts say the screenings do more harm than good.

"I would like to see BMI testing in schools banned. These tests can trigger an eating disorder," one expert said.

As for Lily, she says she hasn't let the letter affect her and has learned an important lesson.

"I'm confident in everything that I do. And I never give up," she said. (Mobile users:  )

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