Muncie MCL Restaurant & Bakery reopens after issues discovered

MUNCIE, Ind. - An MCL location in Muncie reopened after it was temporarily shut down after health department officials say they found issues with food temperature control.

The Delaware County Health Department confirmed that the MCL Restaurant & Bakery in Muncie was closed Wednesday.

MCL Restaurant & Bakery vice president Casey McGaughey said the restaurant is fully cooperating with the health department to address the concerns that led to the closing of the restaurant at the Muncie Mall.

“This is the first time in our 60-year history that MCL Restaurant & Bakery has interrupted its operations and we are committed to making sure that we follow all of the health and safety guidelines and regulations necessary to ensure that our guests enjoy their experience while dining with us,” McGaughey said.

Health department officials told RTV6 that both sides agreed temporary closure was the best way to solve the issues they found at the restaurant. They said inspectors were back at the restaurant Thursday to ensure the issues are being solved.

The restaurant was cleared for opening later Thursday afternoon.

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