New medical emergency smartphone app could help save lives


Do you know CPR? Are you willing to help save a life?

Well, a new tool could enable you to act in the event of an emergency.

When someone is going into cardiac arrest, every minute counts. That’s why an app called PulsePoint helps put trained citizens at the scene of an emergency.

This app could really be the future of rescue operations. The app uses GPS and directs citizen rescuers to the exact location of the person in need of assistance.

According to the PulsePont Foundation website , the notifications are only made if the victim is in a public place--and will only be sent to people with the certification in the immediate area.

The notification is followed by a map showing the emergency location--it also shows the nearest defibrillator.

The nearest participating area in Michigan is in counties around Saginaw, but the PulsePoint Foundation writes on their website they're hopeful awareness will lead to widespread adoption of the app.

The foundation tells 7 Action News that the Michigan Cardiovascular Institute is working to broaden the deployment of the app in Michigan.

PulsePoint adds on their website that if you don't live in a covered community, you can use the app to listen to the live action of first responders, a real-time feature that, the foundation adds, can be very informative.

To learn more about the Pulse Point app, go here:


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