Would you let your baby go diaperless?

There are a lot of things most of us would rather be doing than changing a diaper, but would you let your little one go without them?

There's a new method of parenting called elimination communication that, according to the New York TImes , is growing in popularity among hipsters, WCPO reported.

Here's how it works: The baby does not wear diapers and the parents listen to their child's sounds and behaviors when they go to the bathroom and then begin using sounds like "ssss" or "grrrr" as the infant goes to the bathroom.

The parents are eventually able to hold the baby over a toilet or container, make the noise and the baby will go the bathroom on command. Parents using this method rely on their children's body language, verbal cues and timing.

The New York City Health Department says this more of a sanitation issue rather than a health hazard.

Elimination communication is also known as infant potty training and "potty whispering."

Research published in Contemporary Pediatrics shows that children in Asia and Africa do not wear diapers and they are fully toilet-trained by the time they're 1 year old.

Supporters of elimination communication claim babies are more comfortable without diapers and it increases the bond between the baby and the parents. Like breast-feeding, this is a form of attachment parenting.

According to the New York Times, some pediatricians are skeptical that an infant would be able to control their elimination urge.

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