Jefferson Award winners honored downtown

INDIANAPOLIS - On Tuesday evening, RTV6 honored the unsung heroes that have been featured over the past year as part of the Jefferson Awards.

The Jefferson Awards are known as the Nobel Prize of community service to those who give back.

One by one, they walked on stage as RTV6 General Manager Larry Blackerby called their names. They don't work hard to be in the spotlight, they do what they do because of their love to help others.

RTV6 and Citizens Energy feel it's important to shed light on the good work that's going on in central Indiana.

That's why this year's Jefferson Award winners, their family, friends and co-workers were invited to the Indiana Landmarks Center.

"I mean I think it's really cool, I know that so many young people are doing so many great things, so it's just great to be recognized, I think it's cool," Liz Niemiec said.

Niemiec was the youngest winner this year. She is 20 years old and a sophomore at Butler University. She runs The Little Wish Foundation.

"My fifth-grade teacher's son, his name is Max, and he passed away from cancer at a very young age, and his little wish before he passed away was to get a dog. So I saw what a big impact that made in his life so I wanted to do that for other kids," Niemiec said.

Ruth Rusie, 95, was this year's oldest recipient and she still spends herĀ  time helping children and adults read.

"Well, I'm enjoying seeing everybody, it's such fun. Seeing everyone I haven't seen for a while," Rusie said.

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