Man grants wishes for disabled, ill veterans

David Hall shows vets they're not forgotten

INDIANAPOLIS - A thoughtful Hoosier is helping lift the spirits of disabled and terminally ill Hoosier veterans by making their wishes come true.

"It shows them that they're not forgotten," said David Hall, who founded the Disabled Veterans Wish Foundation . "Well every time we grant a wish it's veteran's day. I mean, it's a gratitude we like to show them, that we appreciate their service."

Hall, who served in the National Guard, is spreading the word about the organization he founded in 2010 -- The Disabled Veterans Wish Foundation.

The Disabled Veterans Wish Foundation is set up much like well-known organizations that grant wishes to children.

Hall's adult son, who suffered from kidney disease as a child, was granted a wish.

So when Hall's friend Randy, a veteran, was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Hall knew a wish would lift Randy's spirits.

"I asked Randy if he would like a wish, and he thought a family and friends get-together," Hall said.

A letter from randy expressed just how much he enjoyed the party.

"And it was a great feeling to me becauseā€¦ seeing his emotions... just overwhelming," Hall said.

That was the first wish Hall granted. The applicants keep coming, and, using funds from donations, Hall keeps granting wishes.

"I get big hugs from them. I see tears from them," Hall said. "You know, a 94-year-old WWII veteran that received a wheelchair that was donated, he had tears from his eyes. It means a lot to them."

WWII vet Louie got a new lift chair. Army veteran Don got a new fishing boat. Veteran Frank enjoyed a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Haskill, a WWII vet, wished for a 32-inch flat screen color TV to replace his small black and white one.

Donna Smallwood, who helps Hall fulfill wishes, made the delivery to Haskill. He passed away two days later.

"He was really happy and although he only got to see it, watch it a couple of days, it did make his heart grow," Smallwood said.

Hall hopes to expand the Disabled Veterans Wish Foundation across the nation to make even more wishes come true.

To learn more about the Disabled Veterans Wish Foundation, click here .

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