RTV6 honors Jefferson Award winners

Awards thanks Hoosiers who make community better

INDIANAPOLIS - RTV6 was proud to host a special event for the past 12 Jefferson Award winners Thursday evening.

The event was held at the Indiana Landmark Center to thank the Hoosier men and women who make the community a better place.

The program celebrated the unsung heroes who volunteered their time to improve the lives of others.

“There are so many different stories, every person is unique, but the one thing they have in common is they are all inspirational,” said RTV6 General Manager Larry Blackerby. “We have honored them every month this year and this is an opportunity for us to get together and celebrate what they’ve done. They’re all very interested in meeting other nominees because they’ve seen their stories.”

The Jefferson Awards are a tradition started 41 years ago by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Sam Beard.

“The basic idea behind it is if you think about it, the founding days of America were all about the spirit of volunteering. We built the spirit of the country around neighbors helping neighbors,” Beard said.

Click here to nominate somebody for a Jefferson Award.

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