Weddings more personal casualty of federal government shutdown

Couples scramble to find new sites

There are numerous casualties of the federal government shutdown, but few are as personal as weddings.

Two dozen weddings scheduled for October at the National Mall and memorial parks in Washington, D.C. were already canceled.

ABC News reported that hundreds more couples across the country planning to wed at locations such as Grand Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree, Acadia and others have been affected or received notification that they may lose their event permits.

"I feel helpless. I feel frustrated and crushed that my childhood dream isn't happening," San Diego resident Dana Johnson told KGTV .

Johnson and her fiance, Brian Adams, were supposed to hold their ceremony on top of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park on Friday.

Even their reception space -- the Awhanee Hotel, located in Yosemite, where Johnson had planned to host an intimate reception dinner for 15 -- was off-limits.

"We found out it was real, that the gates were going to be locked and the guests are going to be escorted out of the Awhanee and that all the permits were null and void," said Johnson, who was considering her options after a year of planning and investing $5,000 in the affair.
The Episcopal bishop of Washington invited any couples who had to cancel their weddings on federal property due to the government shutdown to have their ceremonies in a garden at Washington National Cathedral.

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde said the Bishop's Garden at the cathedral would be offered free of charge to any couples who want to hold wedding ceremonies outdoors.

Budde said the government shutdown's impact on people's lives is incalculable. She said the church wants to support its neighbors.

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