Angie's List: How to stay on budget for your wedding

Engaged couples know that planning a wedding can be very expensive but experts say you don't have to break the bank just to say "I do."

Brian Blume and Jill Zook are planning to get married in November.

"I've been to enough weddings and seen enough of brides literally running around in their wedding dress freaking out directing traffic an hour before their wedding and I didn't want that," Zook said.

"We've got a mortgage and we have student loans, so staying on budget is very important to us," Blume said.

Experts say sometimes knowing what you don't want is a perfect starting point. The couple chose a wedding planner to help them tie loose ends before they tie the knot. Most planners charge at least $1,000 to cater to your needs.

"A way to save money is basically using a Friday or a Sunday as their wedding day. The venues typically charge less on those particular days. They can cut back on their guest list. Each guest that they invite is going to have a dollar amount associated with them so if they can cut back on that, that's a big help," Marie Frey with FCCI Weddings said.

Those are easy cost-cutters, but Angie's List founder Angie Hicks said you can't forget the basics.

"When planning a wedding it can be a highly emotional process, so make sure you are reading all of your contracts start-to-finish so you understand how they are going to work," Hicks said.

Angie's List has heard reports of couples being asked to sign vendor contracts that tell them not to talk about their experiences and warn to stay away from companies with that type of request. Any trustworthy vendor will want you to boast about their services.

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