Angie's List: Tips on when to tip

INDIANAPOLIS - Babysitters and handymen appreciate a holiday tip. But how much is too much -- or not enough?

“The general rule with tipping at a salon is that there are no rules about tipping,” Bambu Salon’s Jennifer Barker said.

Barker said in the restaurant business, 20 percent is accepted. But the tips she receives, however, are more personal.

"Tips often reflect how well we do our job," Barker said.

And sometimes and “End of the Year” gift doesn’t always come in cold, hard cash.

"I think one of the most powerful ways to say thank you to a provider (is) to write a nice letter to their company telling them what great service they provided to you throughout the year," Angie’s List’s Angie Hicks said.

And what about plumbers or handymen? Do they expect tips?

"I would say maybe a quarter to a half of our business gives us -- either my company or my workers -- tips. It's not expected necessarily, but we always appreciate it," Ryan Curry of Curry Lawn & Landscape said.

Curry has even received a home-cooked meal or sports tickets. But he says the best tips come in referrals to friends, family and neighbors.

One tip: Don’t ever feel obligated to leave gratuity, and make sure the company owner is OK with you tipping their employees. Some companies don’t allow their workers to accept extra cash.

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