Don't get taken advantage of in the wake of tornadoes

INDIANAPOLIS - The cleanup process is in high gear for communities across Kokomo, Lafayette and Lebanon after Sunday’s storms.

More than 20 tornadoes ripped across Indiana, leaving sharp, dangerous debris in their paths.

Experts say, most importantly, homeowners should make sure make sure their family is safe. After that, experts have tips for going about the cleanup process.

"Document any damage that has occurred. With smart phones these days, it's so easy to take pictures,” Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said.

Some homeowners will see minimal damage, but others will have to start from the ground up.

"Then you should contact your insurance agent and let them know the problem. Then don't skimp out on the research. Do your research. Start contacting local companies who can help repair the damage," Hicks said.

It’s not unusual for companies to come from a long way to want to do storm damage repairs.

That’s fine for some types of work, as long as the company is reputable.

"When it comes to a roof, it could be a roof that's going to be on your house for 20 or 30 years, so you want a company that's going to stand behind their work," Hicks said.

Experts warn even if a homeowner is desperate to have life look normal again quickly, do not buy on the spot.

"This is not a time to act quickly. Also, remember if you're ever feeling pressured to make a decision right away, just say no. A deal today should be a deal tomorrow," Hicks said.

It’s not uncommon for contractors to go door to door after a storm.

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