Expert: Book kennels, pet sitters for holiday travel now

INDIANAPOLIS - Holiday season gets busy at kennels and with pet sitters, but experts have tips on how to stay four paws in front of the crowd.

For one Zionsville couple, who are parents to three dogs, hiring a pet sitter gives them peace of mind.

"In addition to her obviously caring for the dogs, she's also checking the house, bringing in our mail, watering plants..." pet owners Peter and Erin Rusthoven said.

The couple leaves Becki Bradford, with The Pet Company, Inc., in charge of their pets.

"Part of our training program is teaching our staff what to look for, that something might be out of place," Bradford said.

In a recent Angie’s List poll, 80 percent of people said they have pets in their family, so deciding where to leave furry friends can be a stressful decision.

"The nice thing about a pet sitter is that your pet gets to stay in their own environment," Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said.

Professional sitters can charge between $15 and $50 a visit. Visits can range from a half hour several time a day, to staying in a home overnight.

"Cats tend to bond very closely to their territories and can be stressed quite a bit when they have to leave home," Bradford said.

Angie’s List suggests interviewing a prospective pet sitter in your home before making a hiring decision.

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