Expert: Car should be regularly washed, waxed, detailed

Experts tell Angie's List that a car should be washed every other week, waxed with the change of each new season and professionally detailed at least every year.

"We actually get into a lot of intricate areas that a basic car wash wouldn't or maybe the average consumer wouldn't," said Roderick Darring, of Darrings Detail in Indianapolis. "Down in in the wheels, door jambs…. We also can clean leather, treat the leather, keep it supple from hardening, which just a regular car wash wouldn't do."

A thorough detailing job could cost $100 or more, so Angie Hicks, with Angie's List, said it's important for consumers to make sure they're spending their money wisely.

"When hiring an auto detailer, you want to make sure you've got someone who is trustworthy," Hicks said. "I mean, let's face it: you're giving them the keys to your car."
Many auto detailing shops offer pick-up and drop-off services as well as detailing on the go, so the car never even has to leave the driveway.

Indianapolis resident Bill Kortepeter said he gets his car professionally detailed regularly.

"I think it helps in the resale value of the car when you go to sell it or trade it in," he said.

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