Home renovation: Know the ins and outs

Experts offer tips for home improvement

INDIANAPOLIS - Experts urge homeowners to consider all of their options before diving deep into a home renovation project.

Many people want to remodel their homes to create more space, especially with older, smaller homes.

“They like their neighbors, they like their schools and they don’t want to move, but they are trying to make their house become what it is if they go into the new homes on the market today,” said Geoff Horen with The Lifestyle Group.

Angie’s List suggests consulting a professional, such as a structural engineer, before taking up a sledgehammer and knocking out any walls.

“First of all, I just tell them we are going to make a big mess. Construction is not an easy thing and it’s not an exact science,” said Dennis Smith with DLS & Associates.

Experts advised to know ahead of time that any remodel will be a mess before it’s a miracle.

Finding space is also sometimes easier than knocking out walls.

Experts suggest taking bulky entertainment centers away from living spaces and replacing them with shelves and cabinets.

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