Roofing 101: Picking shingles for best coverage

INDIANAPOLIS - Roofs are meant to last decades, but they can’t last forever.

Experts have tips on which single will offer the best coverage for your money.

Lon and Janet Vonkonhn realized they needed a new roof when they noticed scattered shingles in their yard.

They started by looking into type and color.

"There's a 20-year three tab, which is probably the shingle that was put on the house when it was built. There's a 25-year three tab and there's an architectural which is the laminated, people will say the fancy shingle, people will say 'how come that roof looks so good?'" roofing contractor Tom Scribbins said.

There is also the 30-year lifetime laminated shingle. Most are asphalt, but others include wood, slate or tile.

"When determining what kind of product you want to use for your roof, first you want to think about what is their now? What kind of roofing material is being used on your house? What about your neighbor's houses? What's used in the neighborhood? What is going to fit best with the style? Also consider the color you choose," Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said.

Experts at Angie’s List know how important it is to hire a reputable roofing contractor.

A new roof should last more than 20 years.

"Most people know to get a lien release for labor. Fewer people know that they should get a lien release for material, and that means you want proof that this guy has paid for the stuff at the supply house," Scribbins said.

When it comes to color, use the same method as picking paint -- hold up a sample to the outside of the home, both in the sun and shade, to get a good feel of what the single will really look like.

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