Should you repair or replace fridge?

INDIANAPOLIS - If your food is spoiling faster than it should -- you may have a fridge that's on the fritz.

Angie Hicks, with Angie's List, said sometimes replacing might be a better option than repairing.

"If it's more than 10 years old and it's broken down, you might want to consider a new one, especially if the cost for repairing it is half the cost of a new refrigerator," Hicks said.

Indianapolis homeowner Adam Clinton upgraded his home's 8-year-old refrigerator recently.

"We wanted to maximize the entire amount of space that we could have. Having two little children, it's important that we have that," he said.

Hicks says the average fridge runs about $400, but they can cost in the thousands, too.

Either way, Hicks stressed that homeowners should remember the refrigerator is the most-used appliance in the kitchen.

Vernon Schmidt, of Clark Appliance, said some newer features of recent refrigerator models improve both the look and the efficiency of the appliance.

"Stainless steel is probably the number one seller. They have several stainless finishes now. Some of them show less fingerprints and stuff," he said.

"Your refrigerator is overall is keeping more precise temperatures than the older ones. You don't have the big fluctuation so your food stays better longer."

When comparison shopping, remember that everything from delivery to an extended warranty is on the table. And when looking for a deal, don't overlook out-of-box or scratch-and-dent specials; a tiny scratch could cut the price by hundreds.

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