Tax credits: Which home projects qualify?

INDIANAPOLIS - Before launching a new set of resolutions for 2014, make sure to take care of what you can in 2013.

Homeowners might be able to write off certain projects.

Steve Chase’s laundry list of home improvements was necessary, but was it worth the trouble?

He turned to a home energy audit for peace of mind.

"The audit did identify this area and it was a pretty simple fix. Just took off the faceplate and put some foam insulation around the electrical box and put the faceplate back on and it made a big difference," Chase said.

An auditor can find out how much energy a home uses.

"I have my infrared camera here and what we do is we go through the house. We look at everything, floors, doors, windows, ceilings -- everything that we can think of and we are trying to find issues within the house," Art Tompkins with Infrared Technologies said.

"The auditor should come in and give you an assessment. They shouldn't be selling you the actual items," Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said.

Before a homeowner commits to any fixes, he or she should know that several products may qualify for a tax credit.

Some qualifying products include insulation, heating and cooling equipment, roofing and windows.

Keep in mind, total credit can’t exceed $500 and it must be claimed on this year’s federal income tax forms.

Click here for a list of products and appliances that may qualify for a tax credit --

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